Shocking revelations as new names come up in PSL spot-fixing saga

Expelled cricketers Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif informed anti-corruption unit of ICC and PCB that according to the alleged bookie Yousuf Anwar, atleast four Pakistani cricketers were involved with him in a process to spot fix the matches during PSL. Information accumulated from various sources by PTL reiterate that as per the statements given to ICC and PCB officials in Dubai, Khalid informed that Yousuf and anonymous foreigner said that four other players are also involved with them in this spot-fixing squad. The suspended players were questioned by ACU officials about the names of other players involved. However, Khalid and Sharjeel informed that they have no information about other players. But when pushed Khalid said that the suspected bookie and foreigner had given clue that they were in contact with four other players which did not include Muhammad Irfan or Shahzaib Hasan.

The source said that decision to send back Sharjeel and Khalid from Dubai was made soon after their kits were searched and mobiles were taken in custody. ACU official sniffed some wrongdoings and hence they did the right search. During the search the kits bags had colored batting grips which as per source was provided by Yousuf and the foreigner,

ACU official had sufficient evidence in the form of CCTV footage of two meetings held between Khalid and Sharjeel with Yousuf and the anonymous foreigner. In UAE it was not legitimate to get anyone’s mobile or search someone belongings without prior permission and use it in account of evidence. Possibly decision to send Sharjeel and Khalid back was instantly taken to circumvent any legal repercussions.

The source furthermore revealed that on February 18, the ACU and PCB officials made two players sign a future-date document in which permission was sought for confiscate their mobiles and inspect it. Its seems quite convoluted as ACU officials assume that Sharjeel did come to terms with suspected bookie and accepted spot-fixing proposal and they also deduce Khalid’s involvement as he didn’t play for Islamabad United in the said match.

Both players refused acceptance of any spot-fixing offer and have confessed that they did a grave mistake by not highlighted the reported moves made to them by Yousuf Anwar and the foreigner during the meetings. Messages recovered from the mobile phone mainly that of Khalid doesn’t have any concrete proof that they were in contact with Yousuf or Nasir Jamshed for Spot Fixing during PSL matches. However the exchange of messages divulges the consignment of nee bats for selling in UK as narrated by source.