Live Cricket Streaming on Star Sports, Willow TV, PTV Sports & Sky Sports

Cricket is one of the most watched sports in the world and comes a close second to football in terms of global viewership.The craving for the game in the sub-continent escalates to another level as fans use various means to catch all their favorite stars in action through internet.There are various sites on the internet that do provide live cricket streaming but are slow and have frequent interruption meaning bad viewer experience. In order to help our cricket maniacs watch their favorite sport without any hassles in most authentic manner on desktop and smartphones.

Here are few authentic and legal sources to watch live cricket on internet which are as follows:

Star Sports & Hotstar

Star Sports & Hotstar offer live streaming of cricket matches in the India. Star Sports is a browser based website while Hotstar is a app available on both Android and iOS. Live streaming is using adaptive technology making the buffer-free availability of all cricket matches.

Willow TV

The most popular source of watching the game online is Willow TV which only cost $14.99 per month for a cricket fan keen to watch the game with best visuals and interrupted coverage on his desktop or  smartphone.Willow TV is available on every known device including but not limited to Chromecast, Amazon FireTV. iOS, Android, PC, Roku, Google TV, and LG Smart TV.

PTV Sports and Geo Super

Official websites of PTV Sports and Geo Super stream all international and league matches in Pakistan. Both services have apps for Android and iOS. PTV Sports is the government-owned sports channel and have right to stream all international cricket matches involving Pakistan and Pakistan Super League. Streams on both PTV Sports and Geo Super are available without any charge for Pakistani audience.

Now TV (Sky Sports)

Launched in February 2012, Now TV is a standalone IPTV service by Sky TV. Now TV is the service for people in the UK having no existing subscription of pay TV service. Cricket lovers can purchase a Sports pass to watch access all Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 3. All channels on Now TV are available in High Definition (HD). Now TV has apps for both Android and iOS. Browser-based streaming is also available for desktop users.

Sling TV

Sling TV is your one stop portal  for all your cricket needs for viewers in the countries like USA. The Sling does offer their viewers with two mainstream broadcasters of cricket in the region  i.e Willow TV and ESPN.The Sling orange package only cost an average of 19 dollars a month for a cricket lover. Cricket is primarily broadcast on ESPN 3. If this one does not work then Willow is the most appropriate means to watch live cricket as in totality the monthly package for cricket in USA is just $24.95 a month. The portal has also applications for all devices including Android, iPhone, Smart TVs and desktop.


ESPN3 does provide all cricketing events not shown in channels like ESPN AND ESPN 2.Cricket is yet to become big sport in terms of viewership in America so that is why all the games are shown on ESPN 3. It does require for a cricket fan to ensure that he has superior internet services with high speeds at his disposal to enjoy all the action